All sales and marketing is based on effective communication.  Effective means the other person easily understands what you’re saying.

Which means keeping it at an 8th grade level or that of the average 14 year old (the average reading age of the population in Australia, US and the UK).

Shorter sentences.  No jargon.  Using common words, “get” instead of “access”.

This is especially important when writing.  Forget what your English teacher said.  Don’t use formal business language of the 60’s.  Be conversational.  Write as you’d speak.

Put simply, it’s up to you to make yourself understood so don’t make the other person “think”.

So the next time you write something, be it a prospecting email, marketing piece run it through a readability test.  Flesch-Kincaid and the Gunning Fog Index are 2 tools you can use.  I strongly recommend you run your text through them and make sure your readability scores are in the 8th grade range.

And in case you’re wondering, this piece comes in at 6.8 for Flesch-Kincaid and 8.8 for Gunning Fox.

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