Had a great example of an organisation that went the extra mile.stop-doing-just-enough

The tree loppers had been. The job was massive (as were the trees) and took place over a couple of weeks.

Obviously there were a lot of very large, very heavy pieces of wood left on our front lawn.

Over the weekend our neighbour opposite asked if he could have the wood. We were happy to oblige.

He managed to manhandle a few of the smaller pieces, but the vast majority would have needed a small crane to lift.

When the loppers came back we asked if they could cut the wood up and leave it for the neighbour to pick up.

“Happy to do so”.

Here’s where the extra mile comes in.

They not only cut up the wood, but took it in their truck and dumped it in his front yard for him.

He delightedly came over that evening and thanked us.

A couple of days later the bell rang.

It was the Operations Manager who wanted to know if we were happy with the job, how the staff had behaved and how they’d fix some minor damage they’d caused.

It’s not often you get this level of follow up. It shows an attitude of service and will engender customer loyalty. Who do you think we’d recommend?

And our neighbour mentioned he needed a massive gum removed. Who do you think he’ll call?

In customer interaction it’s often the small things that count. It usually doesn’t take much to have your clients go “wow”.

What could you change in your client interaction?

Hit <reply> and let me know.

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