Decisions, decisions, decisions. How comfortable are you making them? Especially the hard ones. Ones where you may not know the outcome.

I’ve been reflecting on my own decision-making process. Under what circumstances do I make fast ones and when not.

I am an options person. I love them. Being restricted to one choice is really emotionally difficult. Which means I often vacillate. I could do this. But I could also do that. Which leads to circular thinking, where it keeps going round in my head, taking up mental space.

As a result, I often do nothing.

Which isn’t useful – especially in a business and leadership context.

I wonder how many of you can relate. (let me know I won’t tell anyone)

This is the process I use and teach our clients of the same ilk.

First, make a decision to make decisions. Sounds obvious, but it’s not.

Then take a piece of paper and write down everything you need to decide.

Rank these in importance – i.e. the implications of getting it done or not.

Will getting this done improve your life or if you don’t detract. Think in terms of money, time, status/recognition and wellbeing.

Then decide. Take the highest impact and easiest to do and get it done.

This takes commitment and discipline.

Which is all about self-leadership.

Which brings me to a simple leadership concept.

As within – so without.

Our external reality or circumstances are often a reflection of our internal state, thoughts, and beliefs.

If we are decisive and show leadership, we’ll attract similar people into our businesses. Both staff and clients.

Which means you’ll lead a better business, make a bigger impact and be happier and more fulfilled.

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