Let me start by saying “In business, nothing happens until you sell something”.

Which means picking up the phone and actually speaking with a prospect.  Finding out if they have a problem you can solve and are interested in solving it.  Which is the realm of prospecting.

Then having a deeper sales conversation where you delve into their issues, the outcomes they want and how your solution could help them achieve these.

But all too often we see a bias towards “marketing”.  Working on your website.  Content marketing in the hope you’ll get your name out there.  Hoping to attract prospects into your sales funnel.

While this is important, it’s a passive game.  You’re waiting on them to take action.

Rather, why not go back to your previous clients and see what else you could help them with.  Who else is on your prospect list that hasn’t bought?  What conversations are you having to find out why not.

And actively reach out to people your marketing has attracted.  Pick up the phone.

Studies show that leads go cold at an alarming rate.  If you contact someone within minutes or hours of them expressing interest you’ll have a far better chance of converting them.

So get on the phone.  And if you’re unsure of what to say, contact us.  We’ll train and coach you through the process.


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