Here’s a good example of an ad in the local paper that’s worked.

I’m not a woman, so I don’t understand the intricacies of bras. Nor do I have any idea of how uncomfortablebra-ad they can be if not fitted correctly.

Barbara saw the ad, rang and made an appointment for last Monday at 3:30pm.

Monday morning she got a call reconfirming she’d turn up. And when she did both the brand consultant as well as the local shop staff did a very good job. Not only with the fitting, but upselling other stuff.

The shop had a range of jewellery, scarves and other clothes. Shoppers were helped to try on different clothes and jewellery and many of them did make additional purchases.

Interestingly Barbara told me this isn’t a shop she’d normally go into as it looked like an “older woman’s shop” from the outside. But by specifically advertising to a pain point they got her as a customer.

Now if the shop is smart they’ll use the database of names and addresses they’ve collected from the appointments to send out new offers and multiply the advertisement’s ROI. Time will tell.


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