There’s a great saying, “If you assume, you make an ass of you and me”. Making assumptions can be dangerous, especially in sales. Thinking you know what your clients really value about you without actually validating this.
Which is why we always recommend interviewing clients to find out the truth. Out of all the things you do for them what do they really value. What do they not care about as much (or at all). What else could you do that you’d never know unless you asked them.
You might well be surprised.
Things you think are really important they may not and vice versa.
Once you know what’s important to your clients, concentrate on this and use the information in all your prospecting and sales conversations with similar markets.
And if you’re hesitating about calling, don’t. We’ve conducted hundreds of interviews on behalf of our clients. In every case we’d have productive conversations which led to really useful feedback.
As one of our first clients 20 years ago put it, “Rashid & Barbara, you saved our business. We knew things were going wrong, but not where. Know we know and our clients really appreciate our having the courage to ask them.”
As they say, “The truth will set you free”. Don’t make assumptions about what your clients want.
And finally, yes, this can be part of our service when working with you.
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