There is a big irony in sales. That is, you can’t sell anything unless your prospect wants to buy. Sure, you can badger someone into buying, but that is a) highly unlikely to stick and b) you’ll never get repeat business.

Effective salespeople marry expertise with empathy. They have expert knowledge about problems their clients face and are empathic about how they deal with them.

Two phrases sum this up.

“I don’t care how much you know until I know how much you care.” And “Show me you know me”.

Dealing with buyers, they first show they understand the issues they may be facing and then ask questions and listen deeply to what’s happening in their world.

They don’t stop at the first answer. They delve into the root cause of what could be causing the issue.

For every answer ask, “And what else can you tell me about that?”

This prompts buyers to reveal layer after layer of their thinking and helps them fully comprehend the causes – which may not be apparent.

Imagine a buyer who thought they had a minor issue but, through your guidance, discovers a much more significant problem lurking in the shadows.

This allows you to share insights, demonstrating your experience and expertise. Which develops trust that as you understand the causes deeply, you are more likely to have a suitable solution.

Effective selling (read persuasion) starts with identifying problems and providing solutions.

However, thoroughly understanding the problem is crucial in becoming a trusted guide who can offer effective solutions to pressing concerns.

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