“I knew you’d call”. “I was waiting for your call.” “Are you psychic? I was just about to call you!”connected

Typical responses from people who recently downloaded our “Attract High Value Clients” report.

I would laugh and ask why they thought that.

The answers were consistent. “You’re very reliable.” “You do what you tell others to do.” “You’re a good marketer and understand the power of follow up.” And finally, “Thanks for calling – appreciate it.”

Some of these people I knew. Other’s I’d never spoken to before. But each was a warm conversation.

Why? It all comes down to three things.

  • Providing value to your audience.
  • Being consistent. i.e. Regularly keeping in touch.
  • Letting people into your life so they feel they know you.

Nobody likes self-serving calls. The salesperson who only calls when they want to try and sell you something. People only interested in themselves not you.

So let’s look at how you could provide value in your business.

A question I often get is, “Do you write all your own content and how do you come up with ideas?”

The short answer is yes.

As to ideas, you need to decide on a few themes you cycle through. Ours revolve around marketing, selling and mindset.

Ideas come from stuff we might experience directly, promotions we receive, or client stories. You just have to keep your eyes open.

Next comes consistency.

You need to publish at least once per week. I know most of you will think, “Crikey, I couldn’t do that”, but make the effort. You’ll be positively surprised at the results.

You can intersperse material you write with curated content your audience will find valuable. Recent examples we’ve used are TED talks where we provide a brief synopsis and a link to the video.   We’ve had lots of positive comments from these.

Your goal is to have your name in front of your prospects consistently. So that when they’re ready to buy your name is right there.

People often tell me they don’t read every one of our newsletters. But they know we’re still around. We had one client come to us after 10 years!

Let people into your life. Show some vulnerability. We all want to connect as fellow human beings.

So tell your story. Be open. Show your flaws. You can see an example in our “How to Attract High Value Clients” book.

So where do you put all this stuff you publish?

Depends on your audience.

Our material is primarily text based so it gets published on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter as well as our blog.

If say you’re a designer, architect or some such and pictures show results, Instagram or Pinterest could well be excellent choices.

But in all cases you must direct people back to your own website where they can opt-in for other free and paid offers.

Remember, publishing valuable material consistently elevates you to becoming a trusted advisor with a following. But just having people love your content without taking action and calling you is missing the point.

Therefore whatever you do must have a structure which funnels prospects down the sales path. If you’d like help creating such a system, give Rashid a hoy on 0414-913-334.

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