Speaking with a client recently reminded me of John Gray’s book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venue and how it applies to sales.

Put simply men like to solve problems.  Women prefer to compassionately listen.

Yes, it’s a generalisation, but a useful one.

Once a man hears a problem there’s an immediate tendency to dive into a solution.  Boots and all.

Women though hold back.  They genuinely listen.  Empathise.  Find out more about what’s going on.  Delve deeper.  Let the other person unburden themselves (hopefully) without judgement.

Translate this into a sales conversation.

When speaking with a prospect rather than dive straight into a solution (sometimes even before your prospect admits to having a problem), stop!

Ask probing questions.  Listen compassionately.  Empathise.  Walk a mile in their shoes.

Only once you really understand your prospect and their issues should you ask if they’re interested in fixing it and whether you could offer a solution.

In other words, get permission.

Now your prospect will lean forward and really listen to what you have to propose.

And when the time is right, recommend a next step to closing the deal.

I know this is a mindset shift for many.  So if you’d like our help to master the art of B2B sales, give me a hoy.

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