“If you see something, say something”.  It was a common refrain in the 2 decades after 9/11.  It was meant to keep us safe.

Detective Character Following Footprints Showing Investigate Investigation Or Searching

My colleague, Mel Kettle shared a great story about her pest controller who did just this.

He’d driven out to their place, sprayed the house and then said, “Let me show you something.  Have you noticed the hinges on the bathroom door and the bedroom are different?  The reason being the bathroom door can be easily lifted off the hinges should someone be locked inside while incapacitated.”

Mel didn’t know and this simple observation and the act of telling her added (in her mind) real value.  It wasn’t his job.  He was a pest controller.

But by going out of his way, he generated trust and loyalty.

What are you observing with your clients and not telling them?  What would happen if you did?


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