It’s just past the first week of January. And if I see yet another email on “How to have a wonderful 2016” or some such variant I’m going to gordian knotscream. And my delete key has been busy.

Each missive goes on about some goal setting and planning system from some “guru” who I’ve never heard of. Of course many are trying to sell said planning system, or hook me into yet another webinar to get me on yet another list.

Sound familiar?

Now, I have nothing against goal setting and planning. They’re essential. But taking action after planning is far more important.

You may have missed our New Year’s Day message where I ditched “resolutions” which none of us keep (well, let me know if you do), in favour of ONE word that encapsulates what you’ll strive to do.

Mine for 2016 is “Action”.

But oh, would it be that easy.

Action by itself is meaningless. You have to take the right action. Stuff that moves you towards results you want.

And interestingly, a major cause of inaction (causing procrastination) is too much choice.

You could do it this way, or this way, or this way. None are perfect so you block yourself from doing anything. Can’t steer a stationary car.

So do something. May not be completely right. May be completely wrong. But at least you’ll have a result and a course you can change if necessary.

So if you’re confused and facing a Gordian Knot give me a call on 0414-913334 and I guarantee we’ll cut through it or your money back!

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