Want to significantly shorten your sales cycle and double your conversion rate?  Position yourself as the credible authority in your field.

Think about how you go about researching a product or service before you buy.

You’ll go to their website, read articles they’ve published,  study reviews and testimonials.  And if all that stacks up you’ll call.

In the business world….

  • 94% of your B2B prospects will go online to research you, your company and your products and services before making a purchasing decision.
  • 80-92% of senior business executives research business problems online and prefer to obtain information about your products and solutions through content such as white papers, blogs, articles, and educational materials before calling your company.

Providing extensive information positions you as the expert and allows your prospects to make an informed decision by:

  • Helping them better understand their problem.
  • Guiding their research into possible ways to solve the problem.
  • Shaping their expectations for a solution.
  • Informing their evaluation process.  (Hint:  You tell them what they should be looking for in a vendor and what constitutes a great solution – yours)
  • Positioning your organisation as a trusted advisor.

Given this you need to create a mix of content that covers a range of complexity.

When working with our clients we recommend they regularly publish short articles and videos on their website and social media.

As well as create longer form free reports or white papers which speak to your prospect’s problems, highlight your solutions and the results you achieve for your clients.

Educating your prospects before meeting can significantly shorten the sales cycle.

You’ve already outlined their issues, shown them you have a solution, listed common objections and your responses and highlighted your uniqueness. All in a hands off way which does not appear self-serving.

Your prospects get to digest the material at their own pace without feeling any sales pressure. So when you do speak you can cut to the chase far more quickly.

And because they called you, you could double your conversion rate.

If you’d like to implement this system into your organisation, give me a hoy at RevealedResources.com.

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