While curiosity may have killed the cat, it’s essential in our roles as leaders.

Why are things happening this way? Because they always had. But why? What was the original reason and is it still valid?

As leaders it’s up to us to be curious. To keep questioning. How could things be improved?

BTW, the same applies in sales. Our job is to question a client’s status quo. What’s the result of staying where they are? How could things be improved?

Put simply, change is constant.

If we’re not regularly questioning how we’re going about things, we risk being overrun by circumstances. Be it new technologies, market shifts or competitors.

Think Kodak. Digital cameras replacing film. Nokia not designing a smartphone.

On a smaller scale becoming complacent in our businesses. Thinking we don’t need to innovate. Review what we’re doing and why.

Having said that, I’ll admit it’s not always easy.

I can succumb to “comfort zone” as much as anyone. Work on my own mindset moving from, “What if it didn’t work?” to, “What if it did?”.

Which brings me to Red Teams. A concept where you have unbiased outsiders challenge your thinking, actively looking for holes. Pointing out risks you haven’t considered. Suggesting different angles and innovations.

Think two broad questions. “Yes, and…” and “Yes, but…”.

I have a few trusted people who offer me this feedback. Barbara being the primary one

And I perform this role for my clients.

Given this, if you’d like me to be your sounding board, to give you unbiased advice, we offer Business Focus & Clarity sessions. You can get details on our website.

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