Most of us have business sitting right under our noses.  We just fail to see it.  And it’s costing us big time.

Did you know it takes seven times the money, time and effort getting a new client on board, than it takes to keep selling more to them?

Put another way, your clients are six times more likely to buy from you after the first purchase and twelve times more likely after the second purchase.

So why aren’t you putting more offers in front of them, giving them the opportunity to buy?

Before I get into that, here’s an example of a lost opportunity which would make you cry.

A printer recounted how he’d provided business cards and stationary to a client for over 20 years. One day he happened to be delivering supplies directly and noticed a heap of other products in the warehouse. Stuff that he could have supplied, but hadn’t.

Surprised, he asked who’d done the job. “Oh, so and so came in and offered to do this. I needed it and gave him the order.”

“But I could have done this for you too.”

“I didn’t know you could. I just thought you did simple printing.”

The job was, wait for it… worth over $500,000.

And it went to a blow in. Completely bypassing an established supplier simply because he made arguably two cardinal mistakes.

Mistakes I bet you’ve made. I know I have.

The first one is he assumed his clients knew everything about his products and services. They didn’t. And two, he’d never spoken to his clients and asked them what jobs they were trying to accomplish with his products and services and where else he could add value using his current capabilities and expertise.

Remember, the onus is always on us to figure out where we can add value to our clients.  Help them achieve their outcomes.  And then present these recommendations.

Not doing so is not serving your clients or yourself.

That is the art of selling.  Which ironically isn’t selling at all, but allowing your clients to buy because they see value and are willing to pay you for it.

So my challenge to you is to sit down with your clients, look through their eyes and look at how else you could serve them.

So you don’t find yourself in the same position as the printer.

If you’d like our help with this process, our Profit Amplifier methodology will give you the tools you need to accomplish this.  You’ll know exactly how to maximise the value you provide, how to present this to your clients, so you increase your wallet share.

Message me for more details.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.


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