RashidRashid Kotwal

I work with Business Owners and Managing Directors in a industries ranging from Professional Services Firms, Construction and Manufacturing who want to both rapidly and sustainably grow their business revenue and profit.

My speciality is creating strategies to attract, convert and retain high value clients. That top 4% which give you 64% for your business.

I create marketing systems which attract and engage your ideal prospect, moving them down the sales funnel until they’re ready to buy.

I work with sales managers and teams in both the B2B and B2C area to shorten sales cycles and improve conversion rates.

I’m passionate about studying human behaviour and what makes people tick. Which is somewhat unusual given my background as an Engineer and IT technologist.

Ironically, it is this very background coupled with extensive study in psychology, NLP, and other modalities which helps me identify patterns in human behaviour. Patterns which may serve you (and you can do more of), as well as patterns which sabotage your success.

And having worked in the technology space for 20 years, I help my clients navigate the technology jungle. Many a time I have saved my clients literally tens of thousands of dollars by preventing them going down inappropriate paths which would bleed them dry.

I write weekly article which contains business, marketing and sales tips which you can find at https://www.revealedresources.com/practical-tips.

I’ve spoken at major events around Australia on topics as diverse as communication and leadership skills, NLP, internet marketing, social networking and lead creation.


Sales Lead Generation, Strategic Marketing, Google Adwords, Marketing Copywriting, Sales Training & Coaching, Business Coaching, Negotiation Skills Training, Presentation skills delivery training & coaching

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Barbara SauterBarbara2

My career spans running a family construction business (employing 80 people) in Europe, as well as 20 years in the Travel Industry (running organisations with turnover greater than $20M/year)

Since joining Revealed Resources (as a co-owner) in 2000, I’ve specialised in customer experience and relationship management – putting in strategies to keep and grow your best clients.

I’m passionate about language, and speak English, German and French fluently.

As a team, Rashid and I bring both Ying and Yang to our consulting, so you get multiple perspectives leading to better strategies for your business.

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