Over 14 years consulting to small and medium sized businesses, we’ve noticed a pattern.realitycheck 250

While all the businesses are technically competent and generally great at delivery, many fall into some major lead generation and sales conversion traps. Traps which limit their growth.

But it’s not their fault. Marketing and sales is both a science and art which isn’t often taught in technical courses.

Could you be in the same boat?

We’ve just put the finishing touches on a new document which outlines:

10 Critical Lead Generation and Conversion Traps Most Small Businesses Fall Into and How to Fix Them”

Before we put it out to a wider audience, I’d like to ask you a favour.

Download and read the document. I’m sure you’ll get value out of some of the traps and solutions.

Provide us with constructive feedback as to how we could make it better. As a thank you for providing feedback we will spend up to 30 minutes on consulting call (valued at $250) where we’ll work on a marketing or sales improvement issue of your choice.

You can download the document here.

Please do help us (and yourself). Download, read the document and then take action to remove any traps you might be falling into. And of course give us feedback.

Rashid & Barbara.

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