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Quantum Financial Case Study

Run by brother and sister team, Tim & Claire Mackay, Quantum is one of Australia’s most highly awarded Financial Services practices and is consistently sought after media commentators by Fairfax, the ABC and Financial publications.

With an enviable reputation, Quantum targets high net worth individuals in the corporate and business space.


Quantum wants to steadily grow their client base, consistently attracting higher value clients.

However scalability was an issue.  To ensure quality delivery, internal processes needed to be streamlined and systemised.  And new marketing and sales methodologies designed to attract these prospects and convert them needed implementation.

How The Objectives Were Achieved

Having coached Quantum for a number of years, our role has varied. 

  • We consistently work with them to define the value they provide for their clients . As a direct result, they have regularly increased their pricing model while attracting a better class of clientele.

    They are now in a position to choose clients they really want to work with and know they can add significant value to.

  • Bullet Point 2

Mindset – Tim & Claire realised that exceptional delivery was not enough to ensure success. To expand, they first need to broaden their mindset to fully embrace marketing and selling.