We help Business Leaders...

improve performance

increase revenue & profit

Gain financial freedom

Does your business provide you with the money, time, status & recognition and lifestyle you want?

We advise and mentor business owners with 10 to 100 employees
to sustainably grow their operations.

What do you need help with?

  • Managing risk in uncertain times and minimising the risk of disruption
  • Structuring your company for future growth
  • Implementing an effective leadership culture
  • Increasing market share and/or pivoting into new markets
  • Improving sales performance
  • Developing your business into a saleable asset

As Thought Leaders...

Our expertise helps leadership teams improve efficiency and use their resources to greater effect. Which creates leverage and allows you to scale, therefore sustainably growing your organisation.

We work on you and your leadership team’s vision, mindset and strategy. Developing short, medium and longer term plans. Fostering a workplace culture where people want to belong and give of their best.

In addition, by implementing our proven prospecting, marketing and sales systems you’ll bring in high quality B2B clients.

We’re Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter

Most innovation comes from outside your own industry or sphere!

Our 20 years working in senior corporate management and sales positions in Australia and Europe combined with our nearly two decades running our own consultancy enables us to bring a body of knowledge and experience to your table.

Since 2000, we’ve coached and mentored business owners in over 45 industries wanting scale their operations to increase revenue and profit.

Industries we’ve covered include professional services, manufacturing, IT and construction.