A big mistake we see is when businesses take a piecemeal, ad-hoc approach to client acquisition.  Which means they struggle to have a steady stream of incoming clients.

To consistently generate new leads, and close more business you have to undertake marketing, prospecting and selling.

While they are distinct activities think of them like tumblers on a safe.  You have to have exactly the right combination to open the door to a steady stream of ideal clients.

Let’s start with marketing.

Think of marketing as any activity which raises awareness that you exist, educates your prospects as to what problems you solve and the outcomes you can help them achieve and then invites them to reach out to you.

Having said that, marketing is passive.  While you’re blasting out your message to a large audience, you’re relying on them to take action and call, which frankly most of the time they won’t.  Which means you have no control over the timing.

Prospecting on the other hand done well is highly targeted.  You identify individual potential clients, proactively reach out and determine if they have issues you can solve and their level of interest.

Which means you take control.

Once a person shows interest, your sales process can take over.

Sales involves homing in on what your prospects want to achieve, highlighting what’s stopping them and showing them you have a solution.  Done well, you never have to use pushy sales tactics.  Your clients recognise your ability to solve their issues and want to buy.

However the real power of leverage comes from using all three.  Our MPS Acquisition Advantage enables you to align marketing, prospecting and selling multiplying your results.

Here’s why.

Marketing raises awareness and positions you in your marketplace.  Done effectively your prospects see you everywhere raising your profile.

So when you do reach out directly prospects are already familiar with who you are which makes for a much warmer interaction where they are far more likely to open up regarding their issues.

Which makes your sales process smoother as a level of trust has already been built up.

We’ve proved this time and time again, with us and our clients.

So if you’d like help putting together a framework to bring in more high quality clients in 90 days or less, contact me and we’ll create a launch plan so you’ll know exactly what to do when approaching your ideal clients.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.

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