Why do your clients work with you? When was the last time you asked yourself how you create value for them?

When I coach partners and consultants in professional services firms in the art of sales, I stress the need to go from a tactical to a strategic level of thinking. Selling business and personal outcomes rather than technical solutions.

Many of them are accountants, financial planners, engineers and IT specialists, and as such by nature are process oriented.

So their natural inclination is to ask “What” questions. What their clients are trying to achieve. What results they want. And then proceed to outline technical solutions.

But this is a tactical approach which simply gives your clients what they’re asking for. Which may not be what they actually need.

Your job is to demonstrate to your buyers that they need more than they think by providing insights and highlighting larger issues they haven’t considered.

To do so ask “Why” questions. Why are they looking for these results? That will give you clues as to what they really need and why.

You can then delve into the implications of achieving the results and conversely the costs of not doing so. Both on a logical and emotional level.

Be aware that behind every corporate objective is a personal objective. What’s in it for them.

What does this person have to personally gain or lose by buying and implementing your solution. Will they make or save money. Gain time. Improve their status and get recognition? Improve their wellbeing?

Remember, logic makes us think, but emotions make us act. Your job in sales is to be a trusted advisor who helps your clients meet their needs, both logically and emotionally.

Which amounts to both art and science.

If you’d like my help to improve your sales results, either individually or for your team, reach out. You can contact me at revealedresources.com.

Till next time, this is Rashid Kotwal.


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