You may have noticed we’ve been running Zoom sessions on how to get more clients in 90 days without pushy sales tactics.

The feedback has been great.  Which is lovely J

However, what’s really interesting is what participants have taken away and are now implementing.

It’s broken into 3 distinct areas.

The first is how to be distinctive in your client’s eyes.

Every one of us has competition.  So what makes you stand out?  How do you explain and communicate both your IP and your results?

As one participant, John Groarke  put it, “Your Venn diagram slide – Marketing, Prospecting, Selling – is very distinctive and sets you apart from others that I have heard”.

Others related to the real world examples and client stories which illustrated teaching points.

The second major aha for many was the importance of consistent contact and follow up.  Most people give up far too soon.  Always remember, people buy when they’re ready, not when you need to make the sale.  So your job is ensure you’re in front of them when this occurs.

And finally, the 4MAT communication style we teach every client.  It’s the basis of all effective communication, be it verbal or written.

A client recently told me the methodology is now ingrained in his neurology.  Presenting using this format has led to him being voted best speaker at major conferences and led to significant consulting opportunities.

We’re running these sessions on a regular basis.

The next one is on Thursday 2nd July at 5pm.  Goes for an hour.

You can register here.

P.S.  We’re running these sessions on a weekly basis.  This registration link will always point to the next available session.

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