Customer Interviews

Do you know what your customers really want?

You want to grow your business. You set your goals. Define your strategy. Work out your tactics and start to implement.

But how do you know you’re on the right track?

If you’re not using your customers as your best source of business improvement, you’re missing out on a goldmine of information. After all, who better to tell you what they want from you, what they like about you, and what you could improve.

So it’s your ability to ask for feedback, not get bent out of shape when you hear stuff that you don’t like and then correct things, that will be a great determiner of your success.

And of course, feedback is not just about finding out what’s going wrong. It’s equally about finding out what you’re doing well and can give you great ideas for innovation.

And if you think this doesn’t apply to you…

Check out this article from Bain & Company (one of the world’s leading business consulting firms) on “How to achieve true customer led growth” which discusses just how commonly companies misread the market.

“Most companies assume they’re consistently giving customers what they want. Usually, they’re kidding themselves. When we recently surveyed 362 firms, we found that 80% believed they delivered a “superior experience” to their customers. But when we then asked customers about their own perceptions, we heard a very different story. They said that only 8% of companies were really delivering.”

And here’s a real example from our files…

“The customer survey you did for us saved our business!” was the first thing one of our old clients said to us when we met.

“Huh? Really, I had no idea… tell me more…”

The story actually begins almost 7 years ago when they commissioned a customer satisfaction survey.

They knew they had issues, that some of their clients weren’t altogether happy, and they needed to confirm what was going on.

So we spoke with about 30 of their clients in depth and found out the truth – the good (and there was a lot of that), the bad and the downright ugly.

And while most of their clients loved them, there were issues even there. Issues that needed to be acknowledged and resolved.

Back to our client…

They said that if they’d just gone on the way they’d been going, they wouldn’t be in business today. Knowing the truth from their customer’s perspective and then being able to do something about fixing issues, setting appropriate expectations and delivering set them back on the path to retention, and expansion.

So if you’re responsible for business growth how can you find out where you can improve?

Commission us to conduct Customer Satisfaction Interviews on your behalf and find out the truth. The truth about what your customers really think about you. In our experience over 11 years, 90% of the time you get very positive and useful feedback, however, we also find room for improvement.

You need to know what’s happening from your customer’s perspective (and that is the only one that counts). Then you can do something about it before it’s too late.

Doing a survey has another major benefit. Your clients will love you – they feel appreciated that you’ve taken the time to contact them and ask for their opinion. It’s led to referrals, and even upsells. (Yes, we do take the opportunity to promote some of your products where appropriate).

These are not impersonal web based surveys where your clients get multiple choice answers. They are fully personalised “conversations” where we drill down into what’s really going on with your clients and how you can best serve them.

And if you’re thinking, “I can do this myself”, I’d caution against it.

Here are good reasons why you should use us rather than doing it yourself.

  • People are far more likely to open up to a non-involved third party and give honest feedback. Think about it this way… If someone gives you negative feedback, you’re likely to get defensive (it’s only human), and knowing this people often shy away from telling you the truth. This doesn’t happen when talking to us as we’re not involved and have nothing to get defensive about.
  • We custom design a questionnaire of up to 20 questions tailored to what you want to find out.
  • Interviews (which average between 20 and 30 minutes) are conducted in a conversational style. We don’t “interrogate” your clients and ask questions by rote.
  • We get answers and insights from your client that you’re unlikely to get because clients often are more comfortable opening up to an “uninvolved” party.
  • You find out why they love doing business with you.
  • You find out what and how you can improve your products and services.
  • You get feedback of what other services and products you could offer.
  • You get a written write up with bullet points you can use as action points to improve.
  • We will call you in case something important comes up during the interview. We’ve had cases where potential business was to be picked up or a sticky situation had to be resolved quickly to keep the client happy.
  • We will create a testimonial from the interview. You can use this testimonial in all your marketing and sales collateral to provide social proof regarding your services.
  • Includes call costs within Australia.
  • Calls are made at a time convenient to your clients
  • And finally, many clients report they immediately get  more referrals from these respondents!

How many people should be interviewed?

We suggest interviewing between 6 – 10 of your clients (and some ex- clients if appropriate). You decide the mix, but we suggest some top, middle and lower end clients to give you a spread of results.

We design the questions and make the calls. You get a very comprehensive report on what each one said – the good, the bad and the ugly.

This way you KNOW what your customers REALLY THINK and can IMPROVE where necessary.

Here are some comments from other clients

I wanted to know what my clients were thinking of us as an organisation, our delivery and customer service, as well as how well our team is performing.

While we could have done this ourselves, it just makes more sense to have a third party involved because clients are more open and critical and this was one of the main aims for commissioning this survey.

This service is well worth the investment, I would recommend it to any business owner or organisation in this country.

David Ryan, Managing Director, Laser & Sign Technology, Peakhurst, NSW

I would highly recommend any company doing a Customer satisfaction survey to check out what customers really think of them and to put in place positive steps to improve their service levels.” Wayne Goodrich – Sales Director, Perenso, Sydney

I’m really glad I invested in this service; the process was smooth and easy, and the results are very satisfying indeed. All I had to do was provide a list of clients, and inform them that I had commissioned Revealed Resources to conduct a survey on my behalf.  Barbara Sauter and Rashid Kotwal took care of everything else.

Don Jeffers, PWS Wealth Management

What’s your investment?

Your investment per standard interview starts at $300 ex GST.

Remember, our surveys are not done by telemarketers who ask a set series of rote questions. They are in-depth interviews customised for your business. The questions are asked by business consultants who’ve had over 20 years’ experience in sales, marketing and production.

We’ve often found new business opportunities for our clients just through asking the right questions and sometimes “fixing” issues that come up in the survey process. So contact us today so we can help you grow your business.