I’ve just started swimming again. Or should I say, attempting to . The last time I was in a pool was decades ago.

I’ve always had trouble breathing so getting more than 10 metres was a challenge. So I’ve started adult swimming lessons. One thing my instructor said stuck with me. “In swimming, you need to slow down to then go fast”.

Learn the stroke. Take it slowly. Be conscious of your movement. Reflect and above all, practice.

Reminded me of what I teach our clients about the mindset and awareness when meeting with a potential client.

Slow down. Create a space where you both explore what’s going on around them.

A major contributor to your success is listening. Listening to what your prospect is saying. Delving into their issues. Really getting to understand them.

Not talking to them about your wonderful product or service. Yes, there will be a time for that, but not now.

By holding back, being conscious and considerate of them, you’ll build a level or connection and trust.

Then using a conversational structure which guides your potential client towards a buying decision.

None of us wish to feel rushed into a decision. By slowing down your sales process, you’ll actually speed it up. Your prospects will feel heard and understood and be far more predisposed to buying from you.

If you’d like my help improving your sales revenue, reach out. We have a number of programs which will help.


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