Barbara and I went to a local Orchid show last Sunday. Packed with people happily exchanging money for beautiful plants. And yes, we succumbed as well.orchid

What’s interesting is how the various vendors responded to questions and how helpful they were, or not as the case may be.

To put it bluntly, the people we bought the plant from were downright unhelpful when we asked about care and how we could get the most from the plant. “That would take half an hour to explain and we don’t have the time.” Huh???

Barbara wanted some fertilizer and potting mix, so found a lovely older gentleman explained in great detail how we split the bulbs we’ve got (we have lots and they all flower even though we do nothing to them!).

He then proceeded to sell us all manner of products from fertilizer he mixes himself, to tar to stop infections and potting mix.

He has a monthly newsletter where he emails you exactly what you should be doing each month to get the best chance of flowering.

Which just shows – any business can create a monthly newsletter which helps their prospects and customers if they only try. Check out our newsletter creation service here.

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