This talk on how we relate to charities really struck a nerve.  I was unpleasantly surprised that I held every one of the misconceptions Dan Pallotta calls us out on.

Honestly, watching this changed the way I now think about donating and who I would donate to.

Watch it and decide for yourself.


Afterword: This talk was produced in 2013.

I spoke to a friend who’s a senior manager with one of Australia’s largest providers of charity services.  This was her response.

“In the Australian sector you’ll find organisations who nominate to be either a “Charity”, “Non-profit” or “Not for profit “. There is a big difference between the 3.  

For example, our organisation started as a charity where we relied 100% on donations.  

As we began to tender for big contracts and government  tenders, the money made on those was channelled 100% back into the individual business units within the company that provided that particular service. It then became a Non Profit.  

In the last 5 years, we have become a “not for profit”. We actively tender for massive contracts that actively make a profit. This profit is no longer automatically channelled back in to our services but goes into a collective pool of funding with which the company builds infrastructure which allows it to win more business.  

The difference is we now have a vision and only tender for contracts which are in line with that vision.  

You’ll find the majority of the big not for profits now operate this way.”

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