In business (and life in general), talk is cheap.  Actions speak louder than words.

You’ve spent time working out your vision and strategic direction for the next couple of years.  You’ve created your accountability chart and determined you have the right people in the right roles (GWC).

Now what?

You must have the ability to create accountability and discipline, then execute.  BTW, this is the weakest area in most organisations.

Unless you do this, you’ll have a big gulf between your vision and execution.

Years ago I heard an interview with NZ’s leading insolvency receiver who stated that it wasn’t the lack of cash flow or planning that led to most business downfall, but the lack of accountability and follow through.

Taking responsibility and being accountable is the secret sauce of success.  It takes total commitment from you and your team.  And while it will make people uncomfortable for a time, there’s no alternative.

Start by taking your 1 year strategic plan and breaking it down into big rocks that can be accomplished within 90 days.

Why 90 days?  It’s actually quite hard to stay focused for more than 90 days without re-grouping to stay on track.

So list everything you have to accomplish in the year, then decide what’s possible in the next 90 days.  Less is more!  It’s tempting to have a big list, but trust me, it won’t get done and you’ll be disappointed and recriminations will start.

As an organisation you should aim for three to seven big rocks.

Set completion dates:

This will usually be the end of the quarter.

Have clear objectives:

Make sure the objectives are clear.  Why are you doing this particular activity and what will the result be.  What’s the evidence criteria that will tell you it’s done.  It must be specific, measurable and attainable.

Assign the rock:

One and only one person can own the rock and be accountable for completing it.  This person is responsible for driving the timeline, organising resources and pushing people.

At the end of the quarter, everyone will look to this person the assure that the rock’s been completed.

Weekly meeting pulse:

This is not a set and forget!

Your team must meet weekly to stay focused, solve issues and communicate.  If you’re on track for the week, you’re on track for the quarter.  If you’re on track for the quarter, you’re on track for the year etc.

The weekly meeting is like a heartbeat which creates a consistent cadence which keep your organisation healthy.

If you’d like help determining your strategy and creating your big rock implementation plan and keeping it on track, reach out to us.

We’ll put in the structure and keep you accountable, leading to sustained growth.

Rashid & Barbara

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