Are you facing one or more of these universal frustrations?

  • Not enough sales, ineffective marketing, loosely defined or worse, no strategy and leadership issues.
  • You have high aspirations, know where you want to get to, but the cogs simply don’t seem to mesh.
  • You’re frustrated because you know you can do better, but don’t know exactly where to focus your attention to get the most bang for your buck.
  • You operate a successful business, but deep down you know that what got you to this level may not get you to the next one.

You want to:

  • Manage risk in these uncertain times
  • Structure your company for future growth
  • Defend your market while developing new ones
  • Implement growth strategies

The RevealedResources Growth Program comprises 4 interlocking modules.

No matter how great your product, how exceptional your delivery and the results your clients experience, nothing happens until a sale is made.

Selling is both an art and a science. Successful sales people have diverse personalities and backgrounds, but all understand the need for following proven sales structures.

There are only 2 factors which determine sales success.

  1. Right people - In the right roles
  2. Implementing and following the proven Revealed Resources RSI methodology particularly suited to complex and multi stake holders environments

Right people -  Right role

Did you know that different aspects of selling require different personality types?  And that fitting the right person into the right role has the greatest impact on your bottom line success.

Sales is about people. And different types of people excel very naturally at different types of sales jobs.

There are 6 common hardwired abilities and talents plus 4 work preferences which have a major bearing on an individual salesperson’s success.

For example:

  • Selling low priced commodity items to the “common man” is a very different proposition to selling high priced items to very senior executives where a need to be established before the “selling process” can even begin.
  • Some excel at prospecting, while others positively hate it.
  • There are born closers who move their clients towards signing up with no sign of aggression or pushiness.
  • Others are “pleasers” who could be excellent at gaining rapport, determining value, presenting benefits, but never close the sale.

The RSI Methodology 

Designed to facilitate long term relationships, RSI includes how to initiate contact, build rapport and trusting relationships, questioning skills, how to present solutions and close profitable deals.

The RSI methodology covers three steps.

  1. ​​​​Research – How to find and target your ideal clients.

  2. Strategy – Your overall plan for prospecting and follow up methodology. 

  3. Individuals - People buy from people they know, like and trust.  The RSI methodology moves you away from outdated “high pressure” sales approaches to becoming trusted advisors.

Athletes with raw talent always significantly improve with professional coaching which brings out their best.

In the same way, the combination of RSI + Right People - Right Role is so powerful because we add professional sales skills to raw sales talent.  This multiplies your sales results.

"Kemppi Welding Australia became the second most profitable subsidiary worldwide after Rashid & Barbara helped us improve our selling skills."  Chris Oke, Kemppi Welding International.

Marketing & Sales are two sides of the same coin.

Effective marketing positions your organisation as a specialist and trusted authority in your market, which supports your salespeople in their lead generation and closing efforts.

Marketing’s purpose is not to sell but help your buyers make an informed decision quickly, significantly shortening the sales cycle.  At the same time it heightens trust and confidence in your solution.

Current research shows that the majority of decision makers now do their own research into issues, look for possible suppliers and are often 60% to 80% down the decision making process before contacting suppliers.

Your marketing collateral needs to highlight the issues they’re facing, and why your solution is the obvious choice.

To achieve this you must demonstrate you deeply understand their issues, so that your buyers relate logically and emotionally .  

Therefore your marketing must fulfil two primary roles.

  1. Raise awareness and position you as the trusted authority in your space making you the obvious choice in your field.
  2. Encourage prospects to initiate contact after they’ve done their research because a prospect who calls you is twice as likely to buy compared with one you reach out to.

The marketing component accomplishes this by first attracting, then engaging and educating your prospects through the use of articles, talks, white papers, case studies and testimonials.

Marketing collateral underpins your sales efforts by helping your prospect understand the key issues they face and setting the buying criteria when choosing an appropriate solution – yours!

You'll clarify  exactly who your ideal markets are, what message will make them sit up and take notice, attracting them into your funnel and finally what media you need to use to get your message into their hands.

Once prospects call you, your sales process takes over.  

Realise, the more effectively your marketing positions you as the trusted authority and obvious choice, the easier your sales process becomes as your prospects are already predisposed to buying from you.

"Rashid & Barbara completely redesigned the way we market and sell our services.  By providing the foundational marketing and selling skills, our clients fully understand the value we bring to the table and are happy to pay our fees."  Victor Kumar, The Right Property Group

Your strategy is the road map or blueprint that determines how you will reach your business objectives.

The world is changing fast. How do you predict, prepare, respond and do more than just survive?

A well-defined strategy provides you with a clear roadmap, consisting of a set of guiding principles or rules that defines priorities and actions required to achieve your goals.

You'll clarify and articulate your core values - the three to seven vital and guiding principles your organisation lives by as well as your core focus that answers:

  • Why does your organisation exist?  What is its purpose, cause or passion?
  • What is your organisation’s market niche?

Sticking to your core focus and talent ensures you devote your time and resources to excelling at your solutions, maximising your success.

Determine your ideal market 

You can't be all things to all people.

Knowing exactly who your ideal market is gives you laser like focus on exactly who to target, how to do so and what message will make them pay attention.

Targeting specific niches allows you to stand out to your ideal customer.

You'll answer questions like:

  • Why your customers buy from you?  
  • What do you do that differentiates you from your competition?  
  • Do your customers agree?

Understanding why your customers buy from you is critical to defending your market.  And it may not be what you think.  In fact, most of the time it isn’t.

But you’ll never know unless you ask.  Failure to understand and explain your unique value proposition risks you becoming a commodity – that is competing solely on price in a downward death spiral.

We take you through a process of discovering your current value proposition, then use the strategy canvas to take your offering to the next level. This will allow you to defend your current market more effectively and potentially expand your products into emerging, growing markets.

Planning & Execution

You have your long term 10 year focus.  Now we'll break this down into 3 year, 1 year and 90 day segments which can be actioned.

You'll determine the most important priorities for the coming quarter.  These are your big rocks.  They must be things that can be achieved in 90 days.

"Rashid & Barbara brought about a sea change in the company’s thinking. The positive effects continue to flow many years later. If you are considering working with them in any capacity you can be assured of a 110% effort coupled with integrity & ethics. In other words, you just can’t lose!"  Nadish Naoroji, Pixel Perfect ProLab, Australia

Your Mindset & Effective leadership

As within, so without…

All successful leaders are growth oriented, open minded and willing to change, admit weaknesses and face reality as it stands.

By providing a safe space, we support and encourage our clients in developing the resilience, courage and confidence to take calculated risks leading to growth. They’re willing to be held accountable and embrace a no excuse, no blame mentality.

Accountability coupled with the Right People in the Right Roles

Having the right people in the right roles is the key to growth.  But that only happens when you have well defined accountabilities whereby every person knows exactly what they’re responsible and accountable for with clear KPIs.

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “Promote your best tradesperson to a foreman and you lose your best tradesperson and get a lousy foreman.”

Using the "GWC" process you’ll know if people are playing to their strengths and if not, what role would best suit. This increases efficiency, improves job satisfaction, reduces re-work and ultimately raises profitability.

Each person knowing exactly what they’re accountable for releases you from the minutiae, reducing your stress and giving you time to work on your business.

You’ll develop a simple scorecard which will unambiguously tell you where you’re at.  Moving towards or away from your targets.

As a result you’ll be able to delegate effectively which allows you to work on the business rather in constantly in it. You’ll focus on your core strengths and enjoy a healthier work/life balance.

"When we engaged Rashid & Barbara we were turning over $3M a year. We’re well past the $11.5 million mark now and business is going well.  Rashid & Barbara – Thanks for your help in achieving this milestone. I know the time we spent together was definitely the turning point for the company."  Ken McInnes, Heraeus Kulzer Australia

How we work with you...

Our typical clients are business owners or managing directors of small to mid-sized organisations, $1 million to $50 million in revenue with 5 to 250 employees.

You are forward thinking, growth oriented, willing to change and be vulnerable as in being open minded, willing to admit weaknesses and willing to face reality.

Because every client is unique and faces different priorities, our program is tailored to your specific circumstances.

We start by diagnosing where your most pressing issues are.  Those that if you quickly solve will give you the best bang for buck.

Only then can we prescribe solutions.

We work in an advisory capacity as facilitators, consultants and coaches as appropriate.

While we primarily work with the business owner or managing director, we also work with the executive and sales teams when necessary.

Lasting change takes time.  Our clients typically engage us on a retainer basis for a minimum of one year. Many of our clients have continued for years as they’ve experienced value and results from our joint efforts.

What outcomes can you expect...

Every organisation that has taken our advice and implemented have had a significant level of growth.

Here are some outcomes you can expect:

  • You will significantly grow your business year on year and have a waiting list of clients.
  • Break free from the competition, and if appropriate open up new markets that never considered using you.
  • Become a trusted advisor and authority figure in your market.  Systemise your sales process increasing conversions.
  • Increase your profit margins by bringing in higher value clients.
  • Use technology efficiently to leverage your marketing, prospecting and sales efforts.

Here are some client results...

Heraeus Kulzer – subsidiary of a leading multi-national dental manufacturer credits us with putting in the foundations taking them from a $3M to $11.5 million company in 4 years.

Dragon Fire Services grew revenue by 50% in 12 months. 

Kemppi Welding, a multi-national manufacturer of high end welding equipment became the 2nd most profitable subsidiary worldwide behind Germany due to our strategic mindset work with the MD, and sales and marketing coaching and implementation with his sales team.

The Right  Property Group have grown from a 2 person operation to becoming one of Sydney’s leading property buyer’s agencies.

Group 8 Education provides leadership coaching to Australia’s top private school leaders in the area of improving student learning outcomes.  We developed an evergreen marketing and sales system which brings in a steady stream of new business.

Where to from here...

To be frank, at this stage we have no idea if we can help you, or indeed you’d be a good fit.  The only way to find out is to schedule a preliminary call where we’ll briefly discuss the issues you’re facing, where you want to get to and then if appropriate, move the discussion forward.