Business posture means you have a firm unshakable belief that you provide real value and deserve to be respected by your clients.

Positioning involves being seen as a credible authority in your space.

This is a true story.

Albert was a new life insurance salesperson. He had no track record and no clients to speak of. And on the surface no positioning or posture.

Albert decided to target doctors. His reasoning was simple. Doctors had money. They were busy and needed insurance (even if they didn’t know it).

He hit the phone to get appointments. Most said, “not interested, too busy”.

But when someone said, “yes”, the next step was critical.

Intuitively understanding the value of being respected (positioning) and posture, with an empty diary he told the doctor that the earliest he could see him was two to three weeks in the future.

Doctors with long waiting lists themselves, intrinsically understood – “Here’s another successful and busy person”. Which raised Albert’s “status as an equal” in their eyes.

Albert went on to become one of the most successful players in insurance. And he almost never broke his rule – even long term clients had to wait weeks to see him.

What’s your conviction around your service? What’s your business posture and positioning?

What positions you in the eyes of your potential clients?

What do you do to ensure you’re treated as an equal in a sales interaction?

Hit <Reply> and let me know.

And if you’d like my help to improve your positioning so you’re seen as the credible authority in your space, give me a hoy.

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