Want to attract more of your ideal clients?  Position yourself as a specialist!

Plumbers can unblock drains, install gas, hot water systems and even roof tiles.  Accountants do tax returns, book keeping, provide general financial advice.  Lawyers do everything from Family Law, litigation, debt recovery or property conveyancing.

Realise that generalists always end up fighting the competition – other generalists.

Specialists are held in higher regard, get paid more and attract a better quality client.

By specialising, you narrow down your target market which helps you create a sales message that speaks directly to your prospects.  Why they should come to you and what it is you can do for them.

These are examples from some of our clients where we helped them narrow down their message:

An accountant who specialises in Property Tax.  He only targets people who want to actively invest in buying residential and commercial property.

A Financial Planner specialising in Aged Care issues and Estate Planning.

Another Financial Planner who helps people get out of Self-Managed Super Funds, while yet another specialises in helping high net worth individuals use Self-Managed Super Funds to maximise their returns.

A construction company who only builds homes for affluent people in the $5M to $25M range.

Each one is at the top of their field.

So what is the position you want to claim?  And how are you articulating it?

Unsure?  Contact us re our Better Business programs which help you develop your positioning, Unique Selling Proposition, and how to craft your message in a way that resonates with your target audience compelling them to call you.

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