I’m sure Coke shudders when it thinks back to the debacle of “New Coke” where they changed the formula and nearly had a revolution.

Begs the question.  “Is there a perfect Coke?”  Or spaghetti sauce, pickles or anything else.

Turns out there’s not.  There are many perfect Cokes, Pepsi’s, pickles and spaghetti sauce.  Just depend on your individual tastes.  So shoehorning every customer into one product with a take or leave it attitude is likely costing you dearly.

Malcolm Gladwell, author of books including The Tipping Point and Blink discusses how a somewhat obscure scientist stumbled on a fundamental marketing principle which has created empires.

I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

For those of you who’d prefer to read, there’s a transcript here.


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