I’ve been thinking, “What would I do if I’d won the Powerball $100 million jackpot”? Yes, the odds are like being stuck twice by lightening in your lifetime. But heck, 2 people did.

After the obvious, help family, maybe go on a trip etc. What then?

Would it affect my thinking? How I ran my business? Assuming I kept it.

Yes, I would keep working. To me helping leaders run a better business is a calling. It creates ripples which positively affect lives.

And it keeps me mentally sharp.

My epiphany winning would remove fear. As money was no object, I wouldn’t be risk averse.

I’d have no hesitation reaching out to more people not particularly caring if they responded or not.

“Some will, some won’t, so what!”

I know I can’t please everyone and that not everyone likes me. So what?

My self esteem isn’t bound up in what others think of me.

But, I didn’t win the $100M. Heck, I didn’t even buy a ticket.

But I can look at my mindset and act as if I had won.

I have a lot of expertise and experience to share with ambitious leaders who want to run a better business and live a better life.

So my shift in thinking is, “Get out there and talk to more people. What’s the best that can happen?”

How would you respond if you’d won $100M?

Let me know

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