They came, they saw, they bounced. Never to be seen again.julius-caesar

How many times have you seen an ad, been to a website and thought, “That’s interesting, I’ll come back later”, only to never do so again? Or later when you want whatever it was, you think, “Who was that company?”

It’s an advertiser’s worst nightmare. All that money spent attracting attention and interest, only to have it be wasted as the prospect never returns.

Been through your local paper lately? Noticed that the same ads keep appearing week after week?

There’s a reason for that.

People buy when they have a problem to solve. You just don’t know when that’s going to be. So you must constantly keep your solution in front of them.

So you keep spending money placing ads hoping you’ll trigger interest at the right time.

However, would you like to considerably shorten the odds, spend less and improve your conversion rate?

Get your prospect’s details so you can keep following up and stay top of mind for when they’re ready to take action.

The obvious question then is how do you get their details?

Simple. You ask for them so you can send them something of value they want.

Called a “Hand Raising Free Offer” it could be a free report, invitation to a webinar or seminar, a book, course, bunch of interviews. All that matters is it answers some burning question in their minds relating to what you solve.

Once you have their details you keep following them up with more material moving them down the path to a sale.

We’ll look at a couple of mechanisms in a second. But first let me say that this method applies whether you’re constructing homes, selling electric pumps or financial services.

The formula is a Lead Generation Ad or Direct Mail piece which describes the problem your market is experiencing and hints at a solution in the material you’ll send them.

You can send them to a specific “landing page” on your website where they enter their details to get it.

Or you can have them call a 1800 number, leave a message and you’ll send it. BTW, while most of the world might have gone online, this method still works.

Think about it this way. You’re out and about and see the ad and the number to call. You may prefer to call the recorded message immediately, leave your details and have it sent rather than fumbling looking for a website.

Worth testing in your market.

However you get them on the list, you send the material and then keep following up.

Yes, I’m making it sound simple. It is in concept but it’s easy to get it wrong unless you’re an experienced copywriter and direct response marketer.

You need to realise this is a campaign, not a one shot.

It needs to be structured correctly.

Ideally you need a CRM system which will automate as much of the campaign sending as possible so each prospect gets the right messages depending on where in the sequence they are. And of course get taken off once they buy (and put onto different up-sell/back-end sales sequences).

So if you’re sick of throwing money against a wall, hoping some of it will stick, and would like to build cost efficient marketing campaigns which nurture and bring in a steady stream of clients, call us.

We’ll design your “Hand Raising Free Offer”, Landing Pages or 1800 number, follow up material, implement a CRM (if you don’t already have one) and teach you our proven methodology for converting more prospects into clients.

We’ve successfully used this methodology in over 40 different industries. It’s a proven model used by the world’s most successful direct marketers. And it’ll work for you if you apply it.

You’ll go from Veni, Vidi, Bounce to Veni, Vidi, Vici – They came, They saw, I conquered. (Apologies to Julius Caesar.)

Call me on 0414 913 334 and set yourself up for a great 2016 with a consistent flow of good quality clients.

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