But why?

I’ve been pondering the above a lot and have not really reached any conclusions but let me share my thoughts with you anyway.

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It appears to me that distraction is something the developed world is thriving on, some just enjoy the ride and get distracted and others are making millions of dollars every year by keeping us distracted.

Let me get something straight upfront.

I’m not a technology hater – by no means, I do believe that computers, mobile phones etc have improved our lives and have added a lot of freedom to the way we can organise our lives today. No dispute here.

Lets think about this a little more, and lets take the technology gadgets as the example to run with.

I don’t want to go as far back as to ask the question if we could do without mobile phones or computers. I think this truly is a question that has become obsolete. Yes we do need them and they do make our lives easier and more efficient.

However, the question could be do we really need a mobile phone from which we can download our emails, make Skype calls across the planet, take photographs even videos, download music and movies, have GPS functions, and oh don’t forget all the games you can play sitting on the train commuting from and to work.

I would hazard a guess that most of the consumers out there would only use the device to make phone calls, and maybe the odd picture to send home instead of the good old postcard.

Or Give your clients what they want not what you think they need!

This is marketing 101 and yet most businesses just don’t do it.

Lets be very clear about this – the best advices as to how you can grow your business and how you can keep your clients is to make sure that the get what they want.

The best way and simplest way is to ask them directly.

We’re in the middle of the process of conducting a customer satisfaction survey for a client.

Our client operates in and industry which has been hit very hard by the economic downturn. His clients as well as he himself is feeling the squeeze.

There are a number of things that are coming out, after having spoken to about 20 of his clients.

  • They really like the guy
  • They think he’s honest and trustworthy (this is very important given the industry)
  • They believe that he would go out of his way to rectify a situation whether it is his fault or not
  • They do believe that he has a duty of care
  • They are open and very frank as to what they expect from him
  • The majority of his clients rate him at a 7 or 8 out of 10
  • They  do tell us where and how he can improve
  • What it would take for them to take their business elsewhere
  • Most of the interviewees believe that they would give ample warning before moving on to the competition
  • They really like the fact that they can talk to him and his offsider anytime the feel a need for information, clarification etc.
  • Is generous with his time

Now why do I tell you all of this?

Well, I think I can safely assume that we all know that it is far easier and cheaper to keep and sell more to an existing client than getting a new client in the door.


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