One of the easiest and neglected ways to increase sales is to go back to your current and old clients. Think about it this way. You’ve already built up a relationship and high degree of trust.

Be the trusted advisor. Think about what else you have in your cupboard that would be useful and let them know it exists.

My thanks to Kyle Page who alerted me to the concept of Project Whitespace.

Create a spreadsheet where you list all your clients down the vertical axis.

Across the top put all your products and services.

Then for every client list what they’ve already bought. You’ll immediately see the gaps or whitespace.

Are these areas you can help with and opportunities to sell more?

With the current products, are there upgrades which would improve their effectiveness and efficiency?

Now think about what each client’s strategic outcomes are. Could you create new products or services to help achieve these?

Maybe you want to stick with your knitting. That doesn’t stop you looking for partnerships – other organisations which have products your clients would benefit from.

Doing so adds value to both your clients and your partners. Your clients know you’re looking out for their best interest. Your partners will reciprocate bringing you other deals. A win all around.

Now I’ll be the first to admit this takes an expansive mindset. There’s enough business to go round.

Wrapping up, this is one of the areas we’re working on with our clients.

If you’d like our help determining your business, marketing and sales strategy for 2023 – now is a great time to do it.

Join us for Focus and Clarity sessions where we work over 30 days to create an implementation plan which will have you hit the ground running in January and ensure 2023 is a good year financially regardless of external circumstances.

Contact me at 0414 913 334 for a confidential discussion and we’ll take it from there.

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