Having worked with hundreds of business leaders from solo operators to businesses turning over $50M, the common denominator of success is their mindset.

Mindset is the heart and soul of your business.  It permeates every aspect of your operation.  Internally, how you create and maintain your culture.  Externally, how you deal with clients and suppliers.

Mindset encompasses your vision, core values and beliefs.  What’s important to you.  What you will and will not do.  What you will and will not accept.  Both internally and externally.

Your mindset determines and flows into your strategy, marketing and sales efforts.

Which is why when working with business leaders we continuously work on their mindset.

So what constitutes a growth mindset?

As within, so without…  Your business is a direct reflection of your mindset.

All successful leaders are growth oriented, open minded and willing to change, admit weaknesses and face reality as it stands.

They take responsibility and are accountable for their actions.

Your mindset determines how you lead.  Both your people and your clients.  It comes down to business posture, which in our experience is crucial to your long term success.

Having observed many leaders over two decades, I’ve coined a new phrase, “You can either be a doorway or a doormat”.

You and your organisation provide a doorway which your clients walk through to get outcomes they want.  You control access, managing the client in their best interest so they achieve their goals.

Alternatively, you become a doormat.  When your client says jump, you ask, how high.

As a result your clients become more and more demanding, less and less appreciative and ultimately you lose all respect in their eyes.  Then you just become another supplier they can walk over, pay late (or not at all), while you end up resenting them.


A commitment to utilising leverage is a massive mindset shift for business owners.  Leverage is the way off the “Hamster Wheel” so you can scale without killing yourself.  For example…

  • Leverage of time (hiring someone and delegating)
  • Leverage of money (spending money to solve problems)
  • Leverage of energy (spending time or money so you don’t have to think or act)

What’s your mindset around failure and success?

Most of us fear failure and the embarrassment that comes with it.  But what’s less well known, but no less prevalent is a fear of success.

What will my friends and family think if I become really successful?  Will I lose them?  Will they think I have tickets on myself?

Will I be exposed as  fraud?  Not really being as good as I claim to be?  Believe me that is one extremely common fear.

A common comment from clients we work with is we helped them gain the courage and confidence to get out of their comfort zone, stop hiding their light under a bushel, take calculated risks, and attract the clients they really want.

I’ll end by saying that mindset is the most important pillar in your business.

There are two reasons.

  • You can find someone else to run your strategy, marketing, sales, finance and operations. But only you own your mindset.  A mindset that ultimately determines what you will achieve.
  • Leading a business is all about managing risk, overcoming obstacles, managing your energy and emotions.


Time and time again we experience that biggest barrier to organisational growth is the limited and/or flawed mindsets of the leaders that run them.


So strike your own path, make sure your leadership team is aligned with your vision, be focused and keep to your strategy.  Above all, have the courage and confidence to take decisive action.


Barbara & Rashid.

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