Ultimately sales is a people business. We want to buy from people we like and trust.

So most sales training focuses on people skills. How to create rapport, make people comfortable with you, ask good questions etc.

But I believe that’s only half the equation. The like part.

Trust is a critical ingredient. We want to get sound advice from people we like and possess credibility as an expert. A trusted advisor who tells us what the best course of action is for our particular circumstances.

It’s the combination of rapport and people skills married with expert positioning and credibility which clients buy into.

I’ve illustrated it in the quadrant below:

The vertical axis is People Skills. The horizontal is your credibility as both an individual made up of a combination of your experience and expertise.

Looking at the quadrants:

A: Low People Skills & Low Credibility

The word is IRRELEVANT. You won’t get a hearing and your prospects are highly unlikely to engage.

B: High People Skills & Low Credibility

The word is FRIEND. People will listen to you, but are highly unlikely to buy as they don’t trust your ability to deliver.

C: Low People Skills & High Credibility

Think SLOG. People will buy if they have no other choice. A classic example is a highly competent, but very arrogant surgeon who could save your life. Obviously you’ll use them, but it’s not pleasant dealing with them.

D: High People Skills & High Credibility

Think ATTRACTIVE. Clients are attracted because of your people skills, but they buy due to your credibility and belief you can solve their problems or help achieve their aspirations.

Having said that, there is one caveat.

No matter how well you’re positioned in your market, unless there’s a sense of urgency and a high priority, people will not take action.

Your job is to help create this sense of urgency by showing prospects what they stand to lose by not taking action and gain if they do.

Which is where I can help.

I work with businesses leaders and their sales teams who sell higher value deals often involving multiple stakeholders improve their sales results.

Contact me for a confidential discussion as to your situation.

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