I remember being freaked out the first couple of times it happened.freaked out

I’d visited a couple of product sites online, and then had their ads pop up on other unrelated sites as I moved around the web.

What was even more freaky was they were showing me exactly the product models I’d been looking at.

Ever happen to you? Chances are it has and is.

You’ve just been “remarketed” to.

Now moving into the mainstream, remarketing is a very powerful way to re-present your message to targeted prospects who haven’t yet taken whatever action you wanted them to.

It’s a simple concept aimed at increasing a prospect’s exposure to your offering.

Here are a couple of common scenarios:

Prospect sees your ad and visits your website.

They browse around looking at different products or services, but then leave. Maybe they’re still in the research phase and not ready to buy.

Remarketing gives you the opportunity to follow them around the web, presenting reminders or other offers in the hope they’ll come back.

Shopping cart abandonment is a major issue for e-commerce stores. Remarketing offers them the ability to target specific prospects who went part way through the buying process, then quit for some reason.

Stores could offer incentives or discounts to get them back. And only show those ads to these people, not ones who’ve bought.

But remarketing isn’t just for e-commerce stores. Any business with a web presence could benefit as your goal is to keep your name in front of your prospects increasing exposure.

In this article I explained the importance of lead magnets as a way of capturing prospect details, enabling follow up and educational based marketing.

But what if they don’t take the bait?

You could create a remarketing list which only targets visitors who haven’t signed up while ignoring those who are already on your list. Therefore you don’t waste advertising dollars on people you can follow up in other ways. And because you’re re-attracting people who’ve already shown some level of interest, your cost per conversion can be significantly lower once you’ve got them back.

However there is a caveat. Be careful you don’t come across as a stalker following people around. It can be kinda creepy.

Remarketing is provided by both Facebook and Google.

Both have extensive ways of modularising when and to whom ads are shown.

Setting up campaigns in either is relatively simple on the surface, but to get the best results without paying the “Google or Facebook Stupidity Tax” i.e. overpaying, takes a level of expertise and experience.

If you’d like to explore remarketing in your business, call us on 0414-913334 and we’ll discuss options and whether it’s right for you.

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