Which would you prefer?

Having to constantly prospect for new business, have lots of meetings and hopefully win some business.


Have your ideal clients come to you asking how you can help.

Essentially become an order taker.

Jay Abraham, one of the world’s best marketers developed the Strategy of Preeminence. A powerful strategy that draws people to work with you instead of your competitors.

Preeminence means you’re positioned as the trusted advisor in your space. Someone who makes a profound impact on your clients’ lives.

A prospect who seeks you out having already convinced themselves you’re the relevant expert is twice as likely to buy than someone you reach out to cold.

Sure, you need to ensure you can solve their issue so they achieve their outcomes. But they’ve already made the decision to buy.

So how do you get to this point?

It starts with your message. What do you want to be known for. What expertise do you bring. Who do you work best with.

What’s a promise you’re making? What problems does it fix? And what are the three big benefits they get?

Don’t be generic.

People come to you because you provide commercial insights that help improve their operation.

Your job is to help them focus on what matters. Stuff they may not even be aware of. Help them understand the implications of the status quo. Connect the dots. Lead them.

Sell the end result, not the steps to getting there.

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