Have you ever wanted to achieve something but just felt stuck? Not known what to do? Maybe had a limiting unstuckbelief that stopped you?

I’m pretty sure we’ve all had situations like this.

So here’s one method you can try to get moving forward.

It comes from a colleague, Robert Middleton who modelled the process from Byron Katie. I’ve added some NLP modifications.

The process works through a series of questions you can ask yourself, or have a friend facilitate.

Copy these 10 steps out into a document and write down your answers. Don’t take shortcuts and verbally do it. You’ll get more insights if you take the time to think.

  1. What is something you want but don’t have, so you’re feeling stuck?
  2. What are your feelings (not thoughts) about not having this?
  3. What are the limiting thoughts, beliefs or mindset preventing you from getting on with it? There will be some. Don’t stop with the first thing that comes to mind. Ask yourself what underlies each one to see if there’s a deeper core issue.
  4. Is this limiting belief or mindset really true? Are you absolutely sure? Many of our beliefs come from childhood. We see/hear/feel things that imprint beliefs. However as adults, many of these no longer serve us.
  5. How do you react or behave when you believe this is true?
  6. Who would you be or how would your life be if it were impossible to attach to this belief? i.e. What would happen if you didn’t believe this?
  7. Turn the limiting belief around to its opposite.
  8. Is the belief turned 180 degrees as true or truer for you?
  9. Imagine achieving whatever you wanted from Step 1 and embody what life would be like. Project yourself out into the future and look back at everything you’ve achieved now that you no longer have this limiting belief or mindset.
  10. Flip the question. What would happen if you embodied the completely new belief or mindset. This and the previous question might seem identical. They’re not and will have your mind go in different directions.

Do this every time you feel stuck about taking action and wonder why you’re not.

Let me know how it works for you.

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