I know of a number of businesses who rely exclusively on telemarketing to generate leads. It’s an expensive “numbers game” where the marketer dials up to 100 people a day in the hope of talking to a few.

And when they do get through, they need to convince the recipient (who’s no doubt busy and irritated about being interrupted) to take some action – be it making an appointment or buying something there and then.

Now obviously telemarketing works – or they wouldn’t keep doing it. But, things are not always what they seem on the surface.

A business owner in the investment space recently told me that while his telemarketers were still getting initial appointment leads, there had been a dramatic (up to 60%) cancellation rate before the consultant went out to fulfil the appointment.   Something that had never happened before.

And as the telemarketers are paid by the lead, this rapidly becomes an expensive waste of money.

So what could be going wrong?

It could be that the telemarketers are getting appointments with people who just can’t say no. Rather than say, “not interested”, they make the appointment just to get rid of the marketer.

Happens more often than you might think.

But what’s more likely is some form of “buyer’s remorse” is kicking in. The prospect accepted the appointment thinking it all sounded good. But then they talk to their family or friends, form doubts and cancel the appointment or worse simply not be there when the consultant shows up.

So what’s the solution?

Immediately send a “stick pack” to the prospect to “re-sell” the appointment.

A “stick pack” is a package of material which contains both “sales” and “proof” elements.

Elements of the pack should follow the time tested “Why”, “What”, “How” and “What if” formula I’ve spoken about here.

Using the investment business as an example, a typical pack would contain:

A covering letter congratulating them on their decision to improve their finances. The letter should reiterate the information they gave you regarding their situation and goals.

You then go on to explain why they should be talking to you and how you can help them. You detail what your overall process is and what they can expect from you.

Remember to keep stating the benefits in terms of what they get. Always bring it back to what they want – financial control, stability etc., and the positive feelings they’ll have once they achieve this.

Remember – fear of loss is a powerful motivator. So remind them of what they could miss out on if they don’t go ahead with the appointment.

And add lots of elements of social proof.

Include any published articles or where you’ve been featured in the media.

Put in as many case studies and testimonials as you have. The more the better. Remember the third party rule. People won’t believe what you say about yourself, but will believe what someone else does. So put in lots of case studies showcasing how you’ve helped other people just like them achieve their dreams.

Yes, this is additional work. Yes it costs money.

But what would you rather have? Spend lots of money on lead generation and telemarketing appointments only to have them fall over, or spend some additional effort to making them stick – dramatically increasing your return on investment?

And if you don’t know how to put this package together, we can do it for you.

Commission us to write the stick letters (we’ll create a template so you can just fill in the blanks with a prospect’s particulars). We’ll interview your clients and create case studies and testimonials as well as create articles or reports that you can include in the pack.

Call me on (02) 9499-7958 and get the ball rolling.

Oh, and stick letters are equally if not more important once you’ve actually sold something. A well crafted stick letter will reduce buyer’s remorse and the number of refunds. So make sure you use them!


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