Do a job, get a job!  It’s a great mantra shared by a colleague, Lauren Jones.  Put simply, every time you deliver a piece of work for a client think about

what else you could do for them.  If there’s nothing obvious, could they refer you on?

And the converse is true.  Could you refer someone to them?

When working with clients who have delivery teams we stress the important of just keeping your eyes open.  Having conversations.  Putting 2 and 2 together to see if there are opportunities.

There are often far more than you think.  You just need keep your eyes and ears open and when you spot something, mention it.  Ask the question.  Is this something that’s important to fix.  And if so, make a recommendation.

Realise that it takes 7 to 10 times more money, time and effort to get a new client than to keep selling to them.  Ongoing sales is where the real profit is.

If you’d like to figure out the average lifetime value of a client we have a handy calculator.  Plug in your numbers and you’ll be frankly amazed at what a client could be worth if you kept adding value.

The calculator is here.

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