2016 is coming down to the wire.  It’s only a few days till Christmas.  Time just seems to rush by. elephant and mouse

So what have you achieved this year?  Done everything you set out to or have you fallen way short?

If the former, congratulations and next time set higher goals.  But if you haven’t achieved anywhere near what you wanted, what stopped you?

You want to be really successful.

But do you play at the top of your game? Really participate fully? Take calculated risks? Try new things while risking failure?

Be honest. It’s okay to admit if you don’t.

But what could happen if you really went for it in your business? Put yourself out there. Played at a completely higher level. Worked at making a difference. Initiated riskier projects.

Before you answer that, here’s a twist.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Why worst? Because we all have irrational fears which often stop us in our tracks.

Here are some examples of common fears. See if you relate to any of them.

  • The big one. Rejection. We all fear it to some extent. But for many it’s paralysing.

But what would really happen if you get rejected? Would it devastate you? Most rejection is not personal.

  • What people might think of you. That you’re being too pushy. But what’s the worst that can happen? They might not buy your services. But what happens if you don’t reach out? They won’t buy either.
  • Being judged as not being competent at this higher level. You might be surprised at how much you know and how effective you actually are. But you’ll never know unless you get out there.

And yes, you must keep honing your skills. What level of clients could you then attract?

  • Failure. Setting big goals could be a real stretch. You’d have to invest time, possibly money and effort and you don’t really know if you’d achieve them or end up with nothing.

Once again, you’ll never know unless you try. Not everything you try will be successful. But we tend to learn far more from our failures than successes. And frankly, you might surprise yourself by succeeding!

  • Success. You’d get overwhelmed. You could lose control. You might not have any time for yourself. You’d have to bend over backwards for clients. You wouldn’t be able to deliver quality. Clients would be unhappy etc.

You may leave your current circle behind. You’d lose your friends. People would think you’re a snob. Really?

  • You have one shot. If you fail, that’s it. So don’t take the risk.
  • You might end up with a high end client you couldn’t help. So you might as well push away all clients rather than risking this.
  • You fear approaching prospects who you perceive to be at a higher social/intellectual/economic level than you. Irrational. My experience is the higher up they are, generally the nicer they are too.
  • Polarising your market. Some people would love you. Others hate you. But you want to be liked by everyone.

The fear of not being liked is pretty universal. Get over it. Not everyone will like you, no matter what you do.

  • They might say yes. Then you fear you won’t know what to do or how to deliver.

At their core, every one of these fears are irrational. That doesn’t mean they don’t feel real for you though.

The question is will you let them stop you from achieving your full potential? Making a mark in your world?

The late Susan Jeffers, author of “Feel the fear and do it anyway” put it succinctly.

F.E.A.R. stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.

None of the fears above are life or death.

You’ll never know what you’re capable of unless you get out of your comfort zones and try something. And now you’ve (hopefully) debunked some of these fears, what’s the best that could happen?

Make a decision and stick with it.

Carpe Diem – Seize the day.

Rashid & Barbara.

P.S.  Want help pushing into new markets but fear’s holding you back?  Call us and arrange a strategy session where we’ll go over exactly what you want to accomplish and put a plan together to facilitate your success.

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