I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not that interested in watching sport. Having said that, I am very interested in leadership and the lessons you can learn from top coaches and teams.

Lessons we can apply to our businesses.

At its core, leadership starts with Self. Our vision, grit, guts and determination. What we want for ourselves, our employees and our clients.

Fostering a culture of collaboration, commitment, excellence and working towards a common goal.

In the sports analogy, obviously winning.

In business, making a positive impact/contribution, staying in business and ensuring a good living for all concerned.

The old saying, “No man is an island” is as true today as it ever was. While there are obviously stars, it’s the whole team that wins games.

How you select and lead your team is crucial.

In team sport every player knows their respective position and what they’re responsible for. They collaborate and know you are only as good as your worst player.

No different in business.

We need to hire first based on values and cultural fit. Which means we as leaders have to define these first.

What do we stand for? What will we tolerate and more importantly, not.

Do we expect everyone to pull their weight equally. Bring ideas to the table. Openly discuss issues, especially when there is conflict. BTW, conflict can be constructive if handled well.

Do we have a “no excuses” culture where everyone knows what they’re responsible for and are willing to be held accountable. This means us as well as leadership starts at the top.

Ultimately our businesses stand or fall due to our people. Our level of commitment to a common goal. Our collective ability to look for opportunities. Not sitting on our laurels and when going through tough times (as many of us have faced over the last few years) not giving up.

If you’ve read this far and can relate, what’s your level of self-leadership? How are you leading your business?

We work with our clients via our Better Business Reboot program to perform a thorough assessment of the current state, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing changes to improve performance. This may involve changing strategy, revamping marketing and sales efforts, streamlining service offerings, or restructuring people and operations.

We implement a solid expansion plan providing a framework for decision making, helping you stay focused while minimising risks.

So if you feel your business could do with a reboot in one or more areas, drop me a note. We’ll have a preliminary no obligation conversation and take it from there.

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