Could you be missing out on business because your prospects and customers don’t think of you when looking for a supplier?

It happens more often than you think!

Wendy Evans in her seminal book, “How to get new business in 90 days and keep it forever”, asserts that no matter how well your prospects AND customers know you, come 90 days without contact, they’ll forget you if another supplier offers something they want.

Which means:

Your clients (and prospects) will forget about you and go with another supplier for two main reasons:

  • They either don’t know or forget that you could provide the service in question.
  • They want it and your competition happens to contact them right at that moment.

And if you find out about it – it’s usually by chance and too late.

So it’s up to you to make sure everyone in your circle be it prospects, clients and referral sources know exactly what you can provide – and keep reminding them or else they’ll quickly forget. You must be top of mind at all times!

One of the best ways of accomplishing this is via a regular monthly newsletter which showcases your services, client successes and products (old and new).

However, many people either don’t know what to write about and/or not have the time to do so.

So engage us to create a professional newsletter you can send to your prospects and clients.

You have two options as to content:

Client Success Stories:

We interview one client each month and create a case study and testimonial around what it is you did for them and the results they got. This showcases you and your products and services as well as your client’s success.

Where possible we will include images as appropriate and format the newsletter as a PDF or HTML email – your choice.

The interview can be multi-purposed:

  • You can send it out in your newsletter
  • Build up a stack of case studies that showcase your successes
  • Put it up on your web site as additional content and social proof
  • Use it on your Linkedin and Facebook profiles

Articles or Product News:

We can write an article around a topic that would be of interest to your audience. Or feature a product you wish to showcase.

This is a client’s comment from the other day…

“As an IT recruitment specialist I was looking for ways to keep my name regularly in front of Line Managers, Team Leaders and HR personnel.  I liked the idea of sending regular newsletters, but didn’t know what would interest all 3 groups.  Rashid & Barbara suggested the common link was people and created a series of articles around reducing conflict and improving team productivity.

The articles are punchy and extremely well written and add real value to my readers.  If you’re looking for a mechanism to keep in regular contact with your database, I strongly recommend you contact Rashid to see what he can do for you.” John Milce, Managing Director Sherborne Consulting.

A professionally written keep in touch newsletter is one of the best ways of keeping your name at top of mind, thereby acquiring and keeping business.

And yes, you could do it yourself, but will you? Our clients consistently tell us they could do it themselves, but:

  1. Don’t have the time
  2. Know we’d do a more professional job

Prices start from $220 per newsletter. There is a lot of work involved in producing these newsletters and our clients tell us they are great value for money.

So decide that you’ll start now. Don’t find out too late that you’ve lost business because you didn’t keep in touch and your clients forgot you at that critical “buying” moment.

Call us on (02) 9499-7958 and we’ll take it from there. We have limited slots available so first in best dressed.

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