Sales Coaching Sessions...

Fast Track Your Sales Results!

You're great at delivery.  Maybe even pretty good at sales, but in a tight economy you're finding it harder to get in front of the right prospects.  And when you do, struggle with what to say.  How to rapidly articulate your value proposition and get interest.

You meet.  Prospects tell you they’re interested, you send a proposal, try and follow up but then nothing...

They go cold. Don’t return calls or emails.

Frustrated, you wonder where you've gone wrong and what you could do better next time.

Get help when you need it most!

Think of it as an “ask an expert anything sales related”

Every sales process has a critical path.  The essential steps that take a prospect from initial interest to becoming a client. Think of it as the 80/20 of sales.  Get the critical 20% right and you'll outsell 80% of your competition.

Small hinges swing big doors.

Having trained and coached hundreds of business owners and their salespeople in over 55 industries we've seen certain topics come up time and time again.  Often it takes only a small tweak to significantly improve your results.

We can help you...

  • Structure your sales conversations so you elegantly lead your prospects to a buying decision   
  • How to quickly engage with a prospect and get attention so you don't waste good leads
  • Quickly determine if a lead is a qualified prospect so you only spend time with people who are likely to buy
  • Hone your value proposition and differentiate and uniquely position yourself as the go-to supplier in your prospect's eyes.  
  • Develop calling scripts and approaches which generate positive interest from your prospects
  • Determine the stakeholders so you know exactly who can make the buying decision.  Get this wrong and you'll waste a lot of time and effort dealing with people who can't sign the cheque
  • Create and deliver sales presentations which engage your audience, answer their concerns and encourage them to buy
  • Get more referrals from your existing clients
  • Sale stalled?  How to maximise your chances of getting the deal signed

The Package:

Every client is different, so one size doesn't fit all.

Given this, we'll discuss your specific situation and what outcomes you're looking for.  We'll discuss were we believe we can add the most value and recommend a solution.  

  • 4 x 75 Minute Zoom sessions
  • “Homework” and assignments between sessions
  • Recordings of all online Advisory Sessions for you to keep
  • Unlimited email support between session to clarify previous points, provide feedback and answer specific questions

Your Investment: $2,000 ex GST

To Book, call Rashid on +61 414 913 334 or email him at