Perenso has been a world leader in sales force automation and CRM software since 1994.

Over 50% of the leading pharmaceutical supply organisations in Australia, rely on the Perenso system to run their sales business more efficiently.

Perenso forms an integral part of any organisation’s operation and not something taken on board lightly.

The Goal:

  • Crack into new markets for sales force automation – Specifically the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market – one where they had no track record.
  • Sell an extra 2000-3000 seats in next 1 to 2 years (They get paid a monthly fee per seat)
  • Reduce risk of a one shot sales call and you’re out
  • Reduce the sales qualification time and effort – so they could get more sales, faster – leading to more profit.
  • Ease the prospecting burden on the sales team so they can concentrate on doing the real job of sales – conversion.

The Problem:

  • Known in Pharma but not in the wider FMCG market
  • Didn’t really know how to succinctly articulate the sales message
  • Knew they needed to target National Sales Directors but did not have contacts in these organisations and didn’t know how to find the right people
  • Didn’t want to blow their chance by not having the message right
  • Didn’t have effective marketing material
  • Couldn’t articulate their story – why should they buy from you?
  • Complex sales process involving long lead times and experienced sales people

Marketing Objectives:

  • Create a Marketing & Sales Lead System that does the heavy lifting for them – i.e. engage the prospect’s interest BEFORE the sales call.
  • Get their profile out into the FMCG market
  • Create a sense of familiarity before sales calls – making it easier to get a foot in the door
  • Pull Marketing – Have prospects initiate contact with them rather than Perenso chasing them

What we delivered:

  • Helped Perenso focus on what was important. We provided strategic marketing advice and a sounding board to ensure Perenso had the best chance of succeeding in a competitive marketplace.
  • Clarified their sales message in terms of real world benefits
    • Increasing productivity
    • saving money
    • saving time
    • Reducing or redeploying staff
    • Saving paper
  • Created a multi-touch, multi-sequence, multi-media methodology that specifically targets prospects and brings them into the sales funnel… A combination of marketing material which included:
    • A White Paper titled – “How The Perenso Sales Force Automation Solution Can Help You Meet Your Business Goals, Reduce Your Costs And Manage Your Field Force Effectively.”  – You can download it here.
      Aimed squarely at senior management, the white paper detailed the benefits of using the Perenso system to manage a medium to large sales force.
    • A power point presentation explaining the uses and benefits of the system. The presentation could be used as part of an initial sales call, left with a prospect after the call or even downloaded from the web once a prospect had expressed initial interest in the software. You can download it here.  (Make sure you view it in slideshow mode – or you’ll miss the interaction)
    • Case Studies and Testimonials
      Social proof is vital in any sales process. We interviewed National Sales Managers of current clients about how they used the Perenso system and the results they achieved.
      The case studies and testimonials were captured on video (some up to 30 minutes long). Each case study demonstrated real world production increases and cost savings.

Here is what Wayne Goodrich, Perenso’s National Sales Manager had to say about what we delivered.

Software is our forte, marketing isn’t. 

And while we have around 50% share of the Sales Force Automation System market for Pharma in Australia, we wanted to penetrate the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry with a new version of our product.

Our software system forms an integral part of an organisation’s operations and is not a choice made lightly. As such organisations must trust that we can deliver both now and into the future. 

Rashid Kotwal and Barbara Sauter from Revealed Resources created a multi-touch, multi-sequence, multi-media methodology that specifically targets our prospects and brings them into the sales funnel… A combination of marketing material which includes a White Paper specifically targeted at National Sales Managers, Video Interviews and Case Studies with customers, a Multi-Media Sales Presentation and Follow Up Material.

In addition they showed us how testimonials and case studies are an ideal technique to overcome resistance and develop trust in our market. 

And they didn’t stop there. They actually worked with us to interview our clients (on video) and create testimonials and case studies which were then used in our outgoing marketing material as well as our web-site.

But most importantly, Rashid and Barbara helped us focus on what was important. They provided an excellent sounding board when it came to marketing and business development advice.

Together they provide a rare combination of both strategic and practical advice. Advice that is bringing us new business as we speak.”