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Why Are Case Studies So Important?

Buyer Scepticism is often a major impediment to getting the sale.

Like it or not, your prospects are thinking:

  • Will your solution work?
  • Will it work for me?
  • Is it cost effective?
  • I don’t want to be a pioneer so have they done something similar for someone like me?

Prospects want “proof” that your solution will work for them.  And the best way of delivering it is via Testimonials and Case Studies.

So why are Testimonials and Case Studies so effective?

Case Studies are third party endorsements from your clients which establish your credibility and instil confidence in your ability to deliver.  A third party endorsement will always be more believable than you saying the same thing about yourself.  

Testimonials and Case Studies build trust and demonstrate to your prospects that there are other people, just like them, using your products and getting great results. Which infers that they’ll get great results too.

Done well, Case Studies and Testimonials are like having a Swiss Army Knife in your marketing arsenal.  You can use them…

  • As testimonials to your success on your website
  • As part of a white paper explaining your product or service
  • As a sales handout at conferences or as a one-to-one handout for your sales team
  • As part of a by-lined article in a trade journal
  • As a way for a salesperson to close a deal by showing you have the solution
  • Fodder for your newsletter
  • A free PDF on your site to increase your mailing list
  • To establish your company as a thought leader in your industry
  • Customer recognition – Case Studies validate your customer’s judgment and their company gains recognition for sound decision making.

Writing effective case studies is a specialised skill.  It requires an understanding of your business as well as excellent writing skills.  It also demands a degree of objectivity for it to be really effective.

It is a time-consuming task best left to experts like us. 

This is what you’ll get when you engage us to write your Case Studies and Testimonials:

  • We interview your client to find out exactly how working with you has benefited them.  Our goal is to showcase your results as specifically as possible.
  • We create a written case study and testimonial showcasing your services.
  • The case study and testimonial are sent to your clients for approval and any changes requested are made. This process alone can take 2 to 4 iterations.
  • You get the final versions and permission from your clients to use them.
  • In addition we can record interviews and edit them to create an audio testimonial. (There is significantly more effort involved, so price on application)

Click here to download examples of recent Case Studies we produced for clients…


Case Study Examples


Here are some examples of recent testimonials we produced for clients…


This is an example for a Financial Planner Client – RK Financial Planning in Sydney.

“Peace of mind matters hugely!”

As an academic who earns money from various assignments around the world, keeping track has always been a challenge.

We’re not very good at handling money.  Never have been, never will be.  So while I’ve been successful in work, saving money has been very difficult for us. 

It all compounded 3 years ago, when we came back from the US.  Things got really complicated financially and we lost track of where our finances were at.  Money came in from sources in the US, Korea and Australia, and on top of all this our house burned down.

To be perfectly honest, John Hollyman has been a godsend. 

He’s helped us clarify our goals, keep track of our finances, manage our cash flow including handling the finances associated with rebuilding our house after it recently burnt down.  His help with the latter has enabled us to borrow the right amount, while putting in a repayment scheme that will enable us to be free and clear within a couple of years.

John communicates regularly and is proactive in managing our finances.  He keeps track of everything and makes sure nothing gets forgotten.  Yes, he’s sometimes tough on us, keeping us disciplined.  However, he does it with charm and style.  We really do both like and respect him and his ability.

And it’s not always about money.  John’s helped me with sorting out employment payments, setting up a fund for our Grandchildren, making sure we got a decent interest rate on our insurance payout regarding our house etc.

John’s advice has always been unbiased and independent.  He’s always had our best interests at heart.

We absolutely feel we get value for the money we pay him and would recommend him without reservation.  David Christian

Quotes you could use: 

“Peace of mind matters hugely!”

“John’s helped us clarify our goals, keep track of our finances, manage our cash flow including handling the finances associated with rebuilding our house after it recently burnt down. “



This example is for a high end supplier of Engraving Equipment – Project Engraving & Digital in Perth.

Our Epilog Helix Laser forms an integral part of our teaching curriculum. 

Out 45W Helix has virtually unlimited uses both in the classroom as well as the school generally and is probably our most used machine!

Students use the machine for cutting, rendering, rapid prototyping and building jigs.  Materials used include timber 3mm – 6mm, aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic and plastics.

As the machine effectively acts like a laser printer, it’s really easy for the students to use.  So we start them in Year 6 – 11 year olds who use a graphics program to design key rings with images on them.

Our students range from Year 6 to 12 and study Woodwork, Metalwork, Technical Graphics and Product Design.

Year 9 metalwork students make little cars and create plastic wheels using the Epilog.

Year 12 students in their Woodwork class make beautiful boxes with engravings.  They use the Epilog to etch in other materials to recess and drop in.

One of our students came second in the WA woodwork show recently.  Part of his skill was the Epilog plus his hand woodworking skills.

We also build signage around the school which is multi-coloured and weather proof. 

Every student recently received an Apple Itouch.  So the machine was used to engrave their names, phone numbers and school details on the back – which saved the school a lot of money by doing it in-house.

In short the machine is extremely versatile and gets hammered!

The build quality on the machine is excellent and it responds extremely well to the stress it’s put under.  We’ve only just had to replace the CO2 cartridge after over 2.5 years of use.  Project Engraving & Digital maintains the machine each year and it hasn’t missed a beat.

We did our research before choosing the Epilog.

Before buying the Epilog, we looked at other cheaper machines being imported from China.  These are being used by other schools in WA – however, speaking to teachers at these schools we found the machines experienced a lot of breakdowns, parts took a long time to arrive, weren’t compliant and didn’t match the machines when they come in. 

So while we could have bought 6 machines at $8,000 each, we still went with one Epilog at around $47,000.  And it’s been absolutely worth the investment.

Regarding Project Engraving & Digital:

Bruce Smith from Project Engraving & Digital has been sensational!  You can ring him up if you have a query – and he’s right onto it.  He’ll come down as soon as he can if necessary.  While on site he spends time going through the actual problem, explains why it occurred and educates them at the same time.

So we couldn’t be happier with our Epilog.  It forms an integral part of our Industrial Arts department and we’d have no hesitation in recommending both the Epilog and Project Engraving & Digital.

Ashley Keatch,  Head of Design and Technology, Scotch College WA.

And finally – this is a recorded and edited interview with Keith Holdge – Head of Manual Arts – Bundaberg State High School.

Keith is incredibly passionate about teaching and how technology helps innovation.  It’s 30 minutes long, but well worth listening to.





Here are some of our own case studies and testimonials.

Interested in having us create Case Studies and Testimonials for you? Call us now on (02) 9499-7958 and we can get under way to getting you effective case studies and testimonials which will make your sales process easier.