The Accelerated Business Growth Program is an Individualised Marketing and Sales Implementation Program designed to help you achieve consistent growth.

We work with individual consultants and professional firms in the following situations:

  • You have a strong business foundation and have achieved a level of success.
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    You have good clients who appreciate the results you get them.  However, your business has hit a plateau and you’re not growing at the rate you’d like.
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    You don’t really enjoy marketing, nor do you find it very effective.  Finding new clients on a consistent basis is a struggle and there’s only so much networking you can do.  Therefore you tend to resist or avoid actively marketing yourself.
  • You want a strategy, plan and most importantly, implementation support.  You’re not looking for general ideas, concepts or general business coaching.  What you really want is results.  You know you’ll only achieve these is by implementing effective marketing and selling systems.  But that’s not your core expertise and acknowledge you need expert external implementation Element

The marketing and selling strategies and systems we implement:

  • Allow you to attract more, better qualified prospects at a lower cost while rejecting those who aren’t a good fit.
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    Educate your prospects as to why you’re the right choice, while instilling confidence and trust.
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    Nurture prospects at different stages of the sales process, so that when they are ready to buy, you are the obvious choice.
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    Significantly shortens the sale cycle.
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    Generates more sales at greater profit margins.

These are some of the outcomes you can expect…

  • You'll become a trusted advisor and authority figure in your market.
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    A turnkey lead generation system which will attract well qualified prospects.
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    A referral kit which makes it easy for people to recommend your business.
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    Systemising your sales process increasing conversions.
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    Efficient use of technology to leverage your prospecting and sales efforts.

Here are some results our clients have achieved by embracing our program:

The Right  Property Group (Investment property buyers) doubled their original fees from $3,000 to $6,000 with minimal push-back and no loss of clients. Our work with them primarily involved mindset – they needed to believe their service was valued at $6,000.

We helped them elicit and embody this value mindset and coached them in marketing, selling and presentation techniques which explained to their buyers why they should willingly pay this amount.

They now charge $9,900 per property they locate and business is booming.

John Corrigan successfully sold a coaching program into Catholic High Schools. The program cost a school $23,000 for one year. However, having extensively interviewed his clients (all Principals of large Catholic Schools), we realised he was actually short changing his clients by not providing a longer, more comprehensive program.

We put his fees up to $75,000 and now lock schools into a 3 year contract. Schools happily pay this as they understand the value they receive and the results they can achieve.

Kemppi Welding Australia (multi-national manufacturer of high end welding equipment) credits us with helping them become the 2nd most profitable subsidiary worldwide behind Germany due to our strategic mindset work with the MD, and sales and marketing coaching and implementation with his sales team.

Dragon Fire Services specialises in Commercial & Strata fire protection in Sydney.

Fire Protection is extremely competitive. Many of the players undercut on price to win jobs. Dragon recognised they needed to stand apart and win jobs based on their expertise and experience, not price.

Within 12 months, business revenue grew by 50%.  We continue working with them to improve their systems first, then ramp up their marketing to consistently bring in higher value clients.

Heraeus Kulzer – subsidiary of a leading multi-national dental manufacturer credits us with putting in the foundations taking them from a $3M to $11.5 million company in 4 years.

Take the Next Step to accelerate your business growth

To explore how we could help you grow your business, please contact us for a preliminary Discovery Session. This is a no-obligation way to find out more about the program and whether it’s right for you.

In that session we’ll explore what challenges you and your top team are facing, what kind of results you’d like to see instead, and whether this program is for you.

Call Rashid or Barbara on +61-414-913334 to initiate the discussion. We look forward to our conversation.