One of the late Zig Ziglar’s most apt pronouncements was “It’s your attitude not your aptitude which will determine your altitude in life”.

However, if you have both attitude and aptitude, you’ll go far in life.

This is a tale of two real estate agents as related by my Mother the other day.

Wanting to get two properties valued (one their primary home and the second a rental property), she called a local real estate agent who’d recently door knocked every house in the area mentioning some of the local properties he’d recently sold.

The young man turned up, went through both properties (they’re next to each other) and made a bunch of suggestions that would significantly increase the rental return.

His mantra was “I’m not here to cost you money. I’m here to make you money”. Yes, you will need to spend some money, but you’ll make far more back.

The agent spent a good two and a half hours with them and when asked what he was owed replied, “Just a cup of tea”.

He was willing to invest time and effort building up a relationship knowing it would likely lead to business – maybe not immediately, but in the mid to long term.

There are a number of properties for sale up and down the street and my Mother recounted how suggestions he’d made that netted a neighbour an extra $100,000 when selling.

His mantra was always, “I’m not here to cost you money, I’m here to make you money”.

However not everyone sees it that way. One particular owner wanted to get rid of their property quickly and just couldn’t be bothered – so lost out. Too bad for them.

Frankly, we see it with some prospects as well. I know what we do to improve your marketing and selling skills will make you far more than we cost you if you actually implement what we tell you to.

But sadly, we also know some people won’t see it, make excuses why it won’t work and won’t implement. It’s just the way it is.

So what about the other real estate agent in this story?

Well, she’s a pessimist. Has an attitude and belief that selling houses is difficult and constantly values houses at the low end of the spectrum.

She never advertises the houses and does absolutely nothing to attract new buyers.

In short she spends her time sitting in her office waiting for buyers to come to her.

One of the houses she’s trying to sell has been on the market for months. The owners are getting desperate – they really want to move, but nothing’s happening.

Maybe if she got out and door knocked the neighbourhood as well she might find a buyer.

The proactive agent with the upbeat attitude has realised that there are diamonds beneath your feet in your own backyard.

By knocking on every door, telling people about properties coming up to auction, he gets a flood of people traipsing through the homes. Yes, most of them are neighbours stickybeaking; however, one such property was bought at a premium by the son of a local as an investment.

Just because the person you’re in front of isn’t a buyer doesn’t mean they don’t know someone who could be and refer you on.

It’s a classic mistake I see very often in networking functions. People judge you to be not worthy of their time and snub you – not realising you may know someone who would be a great fit for your business and could become a long term client or JV partner.

Back to the family who are desperate to sell their home. My Mother is going to refer the proactive agent to them. So by spending time helping her out, he’s already likely to reap the benefits from active referrals.

Remember, first you give, then you get. Doing so builds up reciprocity and loyalty. The other way people resent you.

We all have choice. You can sit tight, moan about the economy, lack of clients, difficult conditions etc., or you can get out there with the right attitude and get on with it.

Every business needs to actively market itself in some way. You are either growing or dying. There is no standing still.

If I was the pessimistic real estate agent, I would be worried. Very, very worried. It’s only a matter of time before the other guy sweeps everything before him.

How’s it with your business? Are you sitting still or actively taking steps to constantly get more business?

If you feel what you’re doing isn’t as efficient as it could be, talk to us about our marketing and sales implementation programs. We create and manage the whole process leaving you free to do what you do best – deliver.

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Rashid & Barbara

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