I love this description of sales from Col Fink. “Sales is the process of coaching someone through a buying decision.”  I would add that “all sales is leadership”.

Our job in sales is to facilitate and lead your prospect into making the right buying decision.  (And by that I mean a decision that’s both in their best interest and yours).

Assuming you’ve reached out to a prospect, your first job is to find out if they even perceive a problem that you can solve.

And if so, help them recognise the impact leading to them wanting to fix it.

So where does the “coaching” come in?

We guide our prospect through facilitative questions, giving them different perspectives around their issues.  And what they might want instead.

Our role is to collaborate with our prospect.  To help them navigate their issues and then negotiate an appropriate solution.  This is how true buy-in occurs and the sale will not only go through, but will stick.

Of course there are lots of nuances to how you accomplish this. We’ll be going over it in depth in our upcoming Sales Sprint Boot Camp.

The first session is on the 9th November. Details are below.

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